Biospecimen Resource and Molecular Analysis Facility (BRaMA)

The Biospecimen Resource and Molecular Analysis (BRAMA) Facility works with surgeons and pathologists at Baystate Medical Center to acquire tissues needed for research. There is currently a bank of over 200 normal breast tissues with associated interview data as well as data and specimens (blood and tissue) from breast cancer patients who are enrolled in the Rays of Hope Breast Research Registry. Collections are ongoing to support fresh tissue needs.  We hope to expand collections to several other tissue types in the near future depending on investigator requirements.

The histology core in the BRAMA facility has the capability to process and  paraffin embed human, animal and plant tissues, section fixed or frozen tissues, as well as perform  histological analyses.

  • Immunohistochemical analysis using a xx autoimmunostainer allows for larger batch staining with antibodies in a controlled fashion.  
  • A laser capture micro-dissection microscope is present for isolation and analysis of specific cell populations in fixed and frozen tissues.
  • We have ongoing projects supporting Genome-Wide Analyses of microdissected tissues.  

Technical staff is available for training as well as performing all histological tasks. A price list for services is available for internal and external academic institutions. Non-academic institutions should contact Sallie Schneider to discuss pricing and requests.