BRaMA Price List

Tissue Procurement
Service Internal External Academic
Tissue Collection (Breast tissue from Registry)*
   Fresh tissue collection  $20/sample $25/sample
   Fresh Processed Tissue $30/sample $45/sample
   Snap Frozen Tissue  $40/50mg $80/50mg
   Section of paraffin tissue (3-6uM) from BRAMA bank $6/section $10/section
   Section of paraffin tissue (7-20uM) from BRAMA bank $7/section $12/section
   Tissue in RNAlater $35/sample $45/sample
   HMEC Cells  (p0-p2)                                                                           $60/sample $75/sample
   Conditionally immortalized HMEC cells  $100/sample $200/sample
Tissue Collection (custom collection)*
   Fresh tissue collection  By arrangement By arrangement
   Fresh Processed Tissue By arrangement By arrangement
   Snap Frozen Tissue By arrangement By arrangement
   Tissue in RNAlater By arrangement By arrangement
Blood Collection (Banked from Registry)*
   Blood-FTA spots $7/spot $10/spot
   Blood-plasma or serum $35/0.5mL $45/0.5mL
   Buffy coat $40/0.1mL $50/0.1mL
Blood Collection (custom collection)*
   Blood-unprocessed By arrangement By arrangement
   Blood-plasma or serum By arrangement By arrangement
   Blood specimen processing  By arrangement By arrangement
Service Internal External Academic
Processing and Embedding
   Process and embed only per block  $3.00 $6.00
   Process, embed, and H&E per block  $5.50 $11.00
   Dissection for processing and embedding per hour $20.00 $30.00
Sectioning with or w/out H&E Staining
   H&E staining from an existing block per slide $2.50 $5.50
   Unstained section from an existing block per slide  $2.00 $4.00
       (Sectioning deep into the tissue, or repeated sectioning with skips will incur additional labor costs.) 
   Independent use of microtome $10/hr $15/hr
   Paraffin section  for LCM  $3/sample $5/sample
       (membrane slides, if not provided, are $10 each)
Frozen Sections
   Consultation/training required for all new frozen work $20.00/hr  $30.00/hr
   Snap freezing, embedding for samples $10.00/sample $15.00/sample
   Cryosectioning $20/hr $30/hr
   Independent use of cryotome $15/hr $25/hr
Laser Capture Microscopy 
   Personnel time (training or hired hand) $37/hr $50/hr
   Use of LCM after training $25/hr $35/hr
Add-on Services (customer pays for reagents)
Special Stains
   Routine staining per hour rate $20.00 $30.00
   (Customer supplies primary antibody) $18.00/slide $26.00/slide
   IRB Assistance Charge $50/hr $75/hr
Shipping ( customer covers shipping charge and shipping container) By arrangement By arrangement
20% administrative fee may be applied to customers who request expedited service    

*Requests for specimens are reviewed to ensure the availability of tissues

Price list updated on 04/18/2017

Prices subject to change without notice