Review Board

Kathleen Arcaro, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Toxicology, UMass
Richard Arenas, M.D., Chief, Surgical Oncology Division, Baystate Medical Center
Jackie Cao, M.D., Pathology, Baystate Medical Center
Katherine Colbeck, Patient Advocate
Susan Hankinson, Ph.D., Professor of Epidemiology, UMass
Elizabeth Cahn, Patient Advocate
Nancy Cokotis, Patient Advocate
Wilson Mertens, M.D., VP & Med Dir, Cancer Services, Baystate Medical Center
Sallie Schneider, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, UMass
Jay Steingrub, M.D., Critical Care Medicine Division, Baystate Medical Center
Paul Visintainer, Director of Research, Baystate Medical Center
Tamara WrennMBA/HCM, CPHQ, CCRP, Manager Compliance, Clinical Trials, Clinic & Facility Operations, Baystate Regional Cancer Program, Baystate Medical Center
Joseph Jerry, Ph.D., Professor of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, UMass
Grace Makari-Judson, M.D., Hematology and Oncology Division, Baystate Medical Center
Emeritus Members:
Gale Kirkwood, Patient Advocate
Lucy Giuggio Carvalho, Patient Advocate